Anime.MMGN Japan Trip: Comiket 83

Jib, Wo1f, xxSoS, Mirage, Toads and I went to Comiket on its first day to check out the largest comic convention in Japan, with an attendance over five times America's Comic-Con. We actually lost Toads from the start and never found him but look forward to his write-up on his loot since we didn't actually buy anything but rather took snapshots of skilled cosplay.
I'll just warn that this post is pretty much an image dump.
Also excuse my very poor photography as I took them in a very amateur manner using a simple digital camera (courtesy of Jib) compared to some of the really elaborate ones other people brought.

Arriving at the complex.

Arriving at 10 am, we joined the people pouring out of the trains and station and into the Tokyo Big Sight complex in what can be described as a 'human waterfall.'

Get the Adobe Flash Player to see this video.

We waited for a surprisingly short amount of time compared to what we had expected.

Lining up.

Inside the complex.

The crowd inside one of several colossal halls.

While we did browse the stalls at random due to a lack of a catalog, we somehow always found ourselves coming back to the BL and yaoi sections aimed for female audiences. None of the material we saw really interested us though so we hit up the cosplay area in hope of seeing some traps.

I also caught these cosplayers chatting alone before we left the hall and asked them for a quick private shot.

SAO: Kirito and Asuna.

The Cosplay Area.

Madoka: Charlotte.

Madoka: Topless Kyubey.

K: Various characters.

Milky Holmes: Sharo.
This one was a nice picture since I planned to just snipe her with zoom from far away since she was in a conversation, but she noticed me and waved. ^_^

Nanoha: Goddess Fate.

Nanoha: Goddess Fate.

Nanoha: Goddess Fate.
These two were nice since I had to line up to take photos while muttering 'That's nice!', 'Give me more of that.' and other weird things to her. [Shifty]
Sorry for the blink.

Madoka: Kyubey.

Madoka: Kyubey baring his body for all.

SAO: Asuna.
Sorry for the blink again.

SAO: Asuna and true protagonist, Fisherman-ojii-san.

Mario series: Mario, Luigi, Toad.
This was for you, Toads.

Crossover: Sharo and Goddess Fate.

Crossover: Sharo and Goddess Fate.

Crossover: Sharo and Goddess Fate.
These were nice since it has two of my favourite characters and also because I asked for them to pose for me. :D

Assassin's Creed: Unsure of which one exactly.

W.O.R.K team.

Chuunibyou: Trap Rikka.

Vocaloid: Shrine Maiden Miku and Wedding Miku.

Little Busters!: Various characters.

Love Plus: Trap Rinko.

SAO: Various characters.

P&S&G: Stocking.
This is for you again, Toads. :P

Love Plus: Nene, Manaka, and Rinko.

SAO: Various characters and traps.

And that was our Anime.MMGN Comiket experience. For the doujin related side, watch out for Toads' upcoming article.

To conclude, here's a final panoramic sweep image I took at the station to take showcase the camera's awesome stitching.

Waiting at the packed station. Until next time!


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Jib K:38474 31/12/2012
Lots of good images!

Oh, 56k/roaming warning guys, the images are only resized on this page but you're downloading them at the full res.
NinjaBoy K:13581 31/12/2012
Nice some good Photos... I had to look a that Rikka to make sure she was a trap because I was like "Hold On" then I seen your comment.

Also the Assassins Creed characters is Altair.

I have been thinking did you see anyone cosplay western characters? I reckon it would be call to go there doing western characters, also Maybe cosplaying some Legend of the Avatar/Korra costumes.
Aoi K:50282 31/12/2012
I was tossing up Altair and Ezio since I hadn't actually played the games and they looked pretty similar. I probably won't attempt to edit this article since it looks like a very volatile piece of coding, but thanks anyways! (*)
Kazanagii K:415346 31/12/2012
That Kyube is gonna give me nightmares. :E
Mirage K:145318 31/12/2012
The amount of traps poor eyes X_X

@Ninja I didn't see those characters in particular, but I did see a lot of Army characters such as McMillan (prob wrong here) from Cod4


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